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Congresses are vitally important for members of scientific societies. They are scheduled events where the participants grow, learn and update their knowledge and skills. Congresses are attended by large numbers of people and they usually last for a few days.

Therefore, organizing a congress requires major effort and many different resources. The congress is an opportunity to grow – for the participants and for us, the organizers. We have been organizing congresses in Tuscany, in Italy and throughout the world since 1964. We have produced thousands of congresses, and have improved our techniques each time.

We take each aspect of an event into account, from bidding to drawing up a budget forecast. We are with you, by your side, up to the conclusion of the congress and we deal with all administrative, financial and tax issues.

By keeping ourselves constantly informed and up-to-date on tax and fiscal matters we are able to manage VAT, visas, insurance and relations with local and government authorities. These are just some of the aspects we handle promptly and precisely to make your congress an impeccable event.

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