Meetings & Congresses

Meetings & Congresses
Our best resumé is the track record of past events we have organized: meetings, congresses, conferences and institutional events. Our solid know-how makes every event impeccable.


A congress is an invaluable opportunity for professional development, allowing participants to grow, to learn and to acquire new skills. Organizing a successful congress is a major undertaking, in which all aspects have to be carefully managed down to the very last detail to ensure its success.


Speed is an absolute must for an effective event management agency.
Our highly qualified and trained staff devote their utmost attention to protocol, and every aspect of secretarial organization is handled with meticulous care.


Since 1964, Enic has organized thousands of conferences in Tuscany, in Italy and around the world. Every one of them has been an opportunity for us to learn something new and gain experience with the latest tools and processes so to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge and that we are constantly becoming an even better version of ourselves.

Institutional Events

At Enic we also deal with institutional events: we have organized large-scale, high-profile events that were made a success by our staff’s solid preparation, as well as the extensive network of national and international contacts that we have established and cultivated in over 60 years of activity.