We provide the most exclusive locations for special and fashion events, VIP clients and weddings.

Our staff, carefully selected and highly qualified to handle this specific type of events, will address any occurrence promptly and professionally.


Enic is at home in the capitals of luxury and we move with complete ease in the world’s most exclusive settings.
We create the right atmosphere, identify the most suitable location and hand-tool an event perfectly tailored to celebrate any occasion.


Our wedding services are the result of highly meticulous aesthetic research and painstaking attention to detail. Our partners include the most prestigious companies in the industry, and our staff is qualified to handle high-profile events graciously and professionally.

Special Events

As an ever-growing event management agency, Enic believes that every event should be a special event. A concert, a celebrity guest, the opening of an exhibition, the presentation of the activities of a foundation or association: these are important moments that should be properly celebrated.

VIP Clients

At Enic, we have created a new exclusive service intended to cater to brands wishing to pamper their best clients.
The expertise in the luxury industry we have built up over the years allows us to help brands fulfil the demands and wishes of their VIP clients. Our aim is to make your VIP clients’ experience truly unforgettable.