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We know the destinations where we work and we know them in depth. Our site inspections are all-round, comprehensive, nothing is left to chance. We are at home in Italy, Tuscany, Florence, but also in Prague, St. Petersburg, New York, London ... Ask for an itinerary, a solution that supports the organization of an event: we are ready.

ENIC has been a Destination Management Company for years. Our DMC department knows every inch and all the potential of where the event is scheduled and puts it all at your disposal.

Our staff handles all the services needed for the event, guaranteeing an expert organization that can always offer something off the beaten track. In Italy or anywhere in the world, our offers are backed by a meticulous study of all local-geographic, cultural and tourism aspects so that your event can reap the best of the area’s resources. Florence, New York or Saint Petersburg – we are at home everywhere, and we will make you feel at home too!

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