We are proud of our staff, most of whom have grown up with us and are loyal to the company. Even the youngest are well prepared, motivated and aware of how hard our job really is. We face problems together and share our successes.
And, we are also proud of our assistants, the hostesses and stewards, who have always contributed to making our events special. These young people from all over the world learn how to be professionals at our school.

Leonardo Santolini General Manager
Leonardo Santolini
Sandra Campani
Giovanna Conti
 Event Coordinator
Alessandra Ducci
 Meeting Planner & PCO
Chiara Ponticelli
 Corporate Events
Federico Puliti
 Incoming Dept. & Events
Laura Paolacci
 Meeting Planner & PCO
Orietta Pasqui
 Corporate Events
Stefania Petroni
 Events Operations
Benedetta Dalla Villa
 Business Development & PCO
Germana Cimmaruta
 Meeting Planner & PCO
Maila Vannucci
& Events Operations

Leonardo Errera
 Web & Graphic Designer
Mariagiulia Graniti
Alice Bindi Junior Secretary
Alice Bindi
 Events Operations
Chiara Manini
Tessa Curradi Exhibitions & Sponsorships, PCO
Tessa Curradi
Susanna Casprini Pharmaceutical Meetings
Susanna Casprini
Cecilia Garrone Junior Secretary
Cecilia Garrone

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July 2018
The 2018 DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL was held in Florence from 6 to 8 July, and Lucia De Ranieri, president of the 2018 IBCPC DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL could not be any happier if she tried... (Read more)

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