Florence, July 2018

2018 IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival

Florence in pink - The 2018 DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL was held in Florence from July 6 to 8, and Lucia De Ranieri, president of the 2018 IBCPC DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL could not be any happier if she tried. The Parco delle Cascine and, of course, the River Arno were the "meeting place" for the 4000 participants of the 121 teams representing eighteen countries. The Festival is for women - and men - who have had breast cancer surgery and engage in dragon boat activities as post-operative rehabilitation. Dragon boats have been used for over twenty years as a rehabilitation activity. The crafts, with a dragon's head and tail, originated in the Far East; each has a crew of 22. This alternative type of rehabilitation, "outside the traditional box" which always recommended limited use of the arm following surgery, is now used by tens of thousands of breast cancer surgery survivors around the world. "It was an important occasion for meeting with the international community of Breast Cancer Survivors. Thousands of women from all over the world swarmed in Florence, infecting it with their positive energy. This Festival was not only an extraordinary experience to to raise awareness on breast cancer, but also the occasion to send a strong message of hope thanks to all those who passed the challenging cancer test" said Lucia Ranieri

Salvatore Ferragamo

Road show and flowers. How many times do flowers come up sayings and our lives in general? Flowers feed the soul; hearts and flowers; thank you for the flowers; the earth laughs in flowers… Ferragamo definitely took the inspiration from folk wisdom about flowers to launch the spring Road Show: "say it with flowers" - is right on the mark! The tour went to Genoa, Berlin, Monte Carlo and Zurich, welcomed by floral arrangements that each store dedicated t the event. It was an amazing success and proved that flowers make everything better, and make you smile… along with being a colorful and fragrant marketing tool!

Boat International: World Superyacht Awards 2018

BOAT: is the simple title that defines the World Superyacht Awards, a luxury-oriented event that we have been organizing here in Florence for the past three years. We could call it the "Yacht Oscar" that is awarded to various categories - design, builders, fittings, in other words everything that goes into making a yacht super! The highlight of the event is the gala dinner when the winners are announced, and this year it was held in the Salone de' Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio. But we can proudly say that everyone who attended the event had a fantastic experience that included exclusive tours, walks through the city, "after hours" museum visits.

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Aipark Pdays

May 29 and 30 were two very intense days at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence - they were the AIPARK PDAYS, focused on the topics of parking, traffic, innovation and urban development. A large exhibition area was dedicated to services and technologies, and the part of the event was a two-days congress with Italian and foreign experts, technicians and representatives of institutions discussing this important - and delicate - issue. Massimo Vernetti, honorary president of AIPARK summarized what is probably the leitmotif of the new traffic & mobility: "In order to solve traffic congestion in our cities we have to develop a new type of mobility, and the essential tools for this are pricing and controlling street parking ". Two very full and exciting days - and we'll see you in two years.

Ermanno Scervino

Ermanno Scervino has doubled their presence in our city, with the opening of the beautiful new store in Via degli Strozzi, the historic corner is the perfect location in terms of style and charm. Then, there was the runway show in Palazzo Antinori - a special grant for the occasion - organized to promote CORRI LA VITA. The charity marathon held every year under the patronage of Bona Frescobaldi raises considerable amounts that are donated to breast cancer research.

17° Memorial "Niccolò Galli"

Once again ENIC has supported the Memorial Niccolò Galli a football tournament that rewards young champions. The event is dedicated to the memory of Niccolò Galli, a very promising young footballer who died in a tragic accident at the age of seventeen. Over the years, the proceeds from the event have financed and expanded the inclusive playground, located near the stadium, and with all the most modern equipment so that it is accessible to children with disabilities. The foundation also supports many other projects. This year's prizes went to the Milan and Italy National team striker, Patrick Cutrone, who received the Under 21 "dal Niccolò Galli alla Nazionale" award; to Bruno Pizzul - "una voce per lo sport", and to Marco Borriello who was the debuting player of 2002"..

Progetto Villa Lorenzi

Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence and four of his predecessors, who supported, encouraged and monitored the Villa Lorenzi Project, attended the celebrations held for the thirtieth anniversary of this amazing project - which is one of the charities ENIC has supported since the beginning. The Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio was teeming with guests honoring the founder, Zaira Conti. Since its inception the project has been based on the awareness not only the young people in trouble, but their families as well, need expert support to overcome often dramatic crisis situations. The core concept is prevention, and preventive work takes place not only within Villa Lorenzi, but in the city as well, with meetings in schools and gatherings where the message can be received and understood more easily. Cardinal Bettori, Archbishop of Florence and representatives of the local authorities also attended.

Tap Air Portugal

The European network of hubs connecting with Florence can be considered complete as of early June this year: TAP Air Portugal inaugurated the new Florence - Lisbon- flight that now makes it possible to reach other destinations - such as Brazil where TAP is the leading carrier. It's an extra point for our airport that Marco Carrai, president of Toscana Aereoporti wanted to celebrate with a dinner at Villa Bardini, attended by representatives of the local government, business leaders, and members of the tourist, congress and events industries. Cocktails at the villa and dinner on the terrace .

Translated by Julia Hanna Weiss

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July 2018
The 2018 DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL was held in Florence from 6 to 8 July, and Lucia De Ranieri, president of the 2018 IBCPC DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL could not be any happier if she tried... (Read more)

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