We have been organizing congresses in Florence, Italy and around the world since 1964. We handle every conceivable aspect of staging a congress from administrative and tax matters, VAT, visas, insurance and interfacing with government-municipal authorities.
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A conference is a special event that is not held on a regular annual, bi-annual or similar basis. People active in specific fields - from literature to physics, from sports to social welfare, from history to design, and just about everything else - gather to discuss a topic of utmost current interest. We organize conferences smoothly, whether big or huge, we have the appropriate locations and services from audiovisual aids, to staff, catering, lighting and setups.
Enic Meetings & Events Meetings

All companies know how useful and important it is to speak to their own "audiences" about production, finances, media relations and more. These audiences are both in-house staff and those who work on the outside in closer contact with consumers and clients. We have been organizing conventions in Florence, Italy and the world almost forever; long - or short notice makes no difference because the results are always great and highly creative.
Enic Meetings & Events Meetings

How many institutional events have we organized working hand-in-hand with the sponsoring agencies? We have handled all national and international relations, hospitality for speakers, mayors, government officials, and chairs of various organizations. Our staff members are prepared to handle these very special occasions: they are fluent in many languages, educated, poised and always thoroughly briefed for each specific event.
Enic Meetings & Events Meetings

Business meetings are usually called on short notice and that means they have to be staged quickly. Executives know what they need and they know what the attendees need to hear: even if the number of participants is limited, everything has to be perfectly managed down to the smallest detail. Our attention to details, from hospitality to transfers to onsite assistance is always meticulous, and our experience is unimpeachable. Corporate meetings are held on a regularly scheduled basis during the year, and management has to astound its audience each time... we manage to do that and often!
Enic Meetings & Events Meetings

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November 2018
Two scientific congresses were held in Florence during the last week in August. One was at the Fortezza da Basso, the other at the Palazzo dei Congressi and together they hosted a total 3,500 participants... (Read more)

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