Florence, June 2017

Give youth a chance... many times have we mentioned our hostesses and stewards? Dozens, hundreds of young women and men that have worked with us since 1964, we now want to find out where they are today. Let's start with these three:

Women & men champions

It is no coincidence that we have sponsored Fiorentina Women's...... Women's football, still not very popular in Italy, has nonetheless given us many satisfactions throughout the year, until the very last match, when "our girls" became the Italian champions. It was a beautiful day, with great celebrations not only on the soccer field and we are now preparing for the Champions Cup!    VIDEO

The dream has come true with rugby as well. The Toscana Aeroporti I Medicei team won the playoff final and conquered the Champion title of the A League. The team got a promotion in the excellence championship and returned to the top league after 33 years.

We also celebrated an important victory as organizers and sponsors of the Memorial Niccolò Galli. This is the exceptional group of prizewinners: Carlo Ancelotti, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Federico Chiesa.    VIDEO

Weddings & Birthdays

So much has been said in recent years about the fabulous "Indian weddings", that we proudly organized in Tuscany and Apulia. This year we discovered a new trend: birthday parties for Italians and foreigners, from India but not only, who decide to rely on us to celebrate the 18th but also the 70th birthday of a beloved family member. We are wedding planners and now also birthday planners.
The history of ENIC begins with the organization of congresses, who would have thought that so many different activities could descend from our first root? We noticed that for these birthday parties there is a spasmodic attention to details, starting from a very accurate decor choice, not to mention music, flowers, lights. We are happy to adapt to these new events and it does not bother us to go from the often low cost scientific congress to the most lavish birthday party. We are versatile and proud of it!

IMSC (International Mass Spectrometry Conference)

Speaking of congresses, prof. Gianluca Giorgi, President of the 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference suggested and strongly wanted the childcare service during their congress. Nowadays so many women scientists and academic who attend congresses bring along their children, and now ENIC offers them a dedicated and modulated service based on their various needs: nursery, day camps, tours... in collaboration with Canadian Island, one of the most renowned school for children in Florence.

30th anniversary of Sebach

A great party to celebrate an important milestone. SEBACH, Italy's leading company for mobile toilets renting, celebrated in Rome, in Cinecittà, its first 30 years of activity. In a splendid and suggestive location - an ancient Rome style square - Sebach has hosted more than 600 guests among employees, dealers, customers and friends from Italy and from foreign branches. The comedians Trio Medusa has reinterpreted ironically the topics that Sebach is daily involved with while the showgirl Belen Rodriguez was the patroness of the award ceremony for dealers.

Ferragamo Parfums Global Conference

Like every year, the meeting of International Ferragamo Parfums distributors took place in Florence. About 200 guests participated in a 2-day meeting at Palazzo Corsini while the Gala dinner took place in Palazzo Vecchio. The museum's halls were set up in order to create a journey of sensations with lights, images, videos so that guests could enjoy a sensory journey where color was the main feature. The itinerary ended in the "Salone dei Cinquecento" where dinner was set up with large tables lighted in rainbow colors.

BOAT - World Superyacht Awards

The super yachts' "Academy Awards Night" was held in Florence for the second time: the Londoner Fischer Productions entrusted us with all the logistic organization of their event that ended on May 16th in Palazzo Vecchio with a cocktail in the Michelozzo courtyard . The award ceremony was held in the "Salone dei Cinquecento" where the gala dinner was also organized.

Lastly, at the end of summer, two other extraordinary Italian cities are waiting for us. Rome for the Celebrity Fight Night with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, and Venice for the 17th Forum of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys. We do not want to say how difficult it is to organize congresses and events in cities - Florence is no exception - assaulted by leisure tourism. Yet it is good to point out that there are still many secrets to discover in these cities that everyone thinks to know already. Rome and Venice hide unknown treasures, unusual locations, culinary delicacies of the region... it is a wonderful challenge for us and it gives the joy of discovery to our guests.

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November 2018
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