Florence, July 2016

With this edition of our newsletter we inaugurate a new column: "Three questions to...", so that our readers can get to know better our most loyal clients. We begin with Dr. Roberto Pistolesi, FICPI (Fèderation International des Conseils en Propriètè Intellectuelle) General Secretary, who we have been following for twenty years in his numerous conferences around the world.
Dr. Roberto Pistolesi (partner and CEO of Dragotti & Associates), FICPI General Secretary since April 2015.

In our almost twenty years of cooperation with FICPI you are the first Italian General Secretary that by mere chance is facing a series of meetings taking place abroad: Zurich, Saint Petersburg and Hangzhou. How are you enjoying this experience?
To be honest with you, I am having a lot of fun. It is a very interesting and stimulating experience, which gives me the opportunity to get to know new people and visit new places. Obviously, I am dedicating a lot of time to this activity, but it’s worth it.

What is the difference between being a delegate and the delicate role of General Secretary?
There is not an enormous difference: in both cases you have to make evaluations and decisions. Besides, you need to consider that in Dragotti& Associates I am not only the CEO but I am also responsible, with three other professionals, of patenting for both the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Operations are therefore a very important component of my daily activity.

Do you think site inspections are useful, although they are tiring? One single day in China, for example?
Well, the China inspection lasted actually two days…I believe they are fundamental activities, during which very important decisions are made on how to organize future events. For this purpose, it is just as crucial to plan the inspection carefully, in order to make the best use of time and reconcile my activities for Dragotti& Associates with those of FICPI. To this end, your contribution is undoubtedly very useful.

Talking about interviews: here is one to our CEO Stefano Gabbrielli, released to Rtv 38 during the show "Capitani Coraggiosi" (Captains Corageous), hosted by the tv director Francesco Selvi.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

The fourth edition of RAEE Scuola has just come to an end. The roadshow promoted by ANCITEL Environment & Energy in order to encourage the recycling of small electrical and electronic devices took place in 48 municipalities and 2357 schools. Baz has been one more time the joyful testimonial of this long journey, that involved the little ones so that they would convey the message to their families.

The music by Nobel Prize Nicola Piovani accompanied the presentation of UOMO, the new men’s fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo presented in June in one of the most suggestive locations in Florence: the pool in the Boboli Garden. Great suspense, because right on that day the weather was fickle and forced us to come up with an alternative venue – the Lemon greenhouse, in the same garden. Luckily, as it sometimes happens, the wonderful sunlight of the late afternoon lit up the really extraordinary event. The theme of the evening was “Scent of Life” - a way of being, to face life with optimism without losing sight of style and beauty. Ben Barnes, actor and face of UOMO, read a touching excerpt from “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind to an audience fascinated by the beauty of the venue and the music.

You say Andrea Bocelli and you mean Italy, all over the world. With his voice he not only enchanted the guests attending Queen Elisabeth’s 90th birthday, but also the fans of the Leicester, unexpected winner of the English Football League championship, and theater and tv audiences of the whole world. Given the excellent results of his Foundation with literacy teaching and assistance to the less fortunate children, Bocelli joins forces once again with the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center for the CELEBRITY FIGHT NIGHT in a particularly meaningful year, since the boxing champion has recently passed away. Five event-packed days in Florence, with a short but equally intense escapade to Venice. The Celebrity Fight Night will take place in September 8 - 13, with celebrities whose names will be revealed only shortly before the event.

The Italian delegation guided by Prof. Gianluca Giorgi is ready to leave for Toronto in order to present the International Mass Spectrometry Conference that will take place in Florence at the end of August 2018. As Organizing Secretariat, we have concluded the long itinerary that started two years ago with the bid proposal that we jointly developed with Florence Convention Bureau and that brought the Conference to Florence.

In the day that celebrates our Patron Saint John the Baptist, the completely restored Spedale degli Innocenti has been inaugurated. The Spedale will host the 7th International Symposium on Psychoanalysis and Art in 2017, organized by us. The inauguration was breathtaking for everybody - including us, that suggested this location as Symposium venue even before the restoration had been completed. An architectural wonder by Brunelleschi, that not only hosts masterpieces by Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Bartolomeo di Giovanni, Piero di Cosimo, Nero di Bicci, Luca and Andrea della Robbia and Giovanni del Biondo, but also a solidarity organization for abandoned children that has been active since 1445. The restored terrace, from which it is possible to enjoy a marvelous view over Florence, hosts the museum café.


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