Florence, April 2016

Pride: it is the first word that comes  to mind when looking at this picture taken from the photo shooting of our National Soccer Team at the Accademia Gallery. Pride to be Florentine and to have here in our city the most beautiful statue in the world. We are proud of our national soccer team, of the fashion designer that attired them, Ermanno Scervino, and a bit of ourselves, too…on March 21st, in Florence.

Always talking about soccer, and furthermore on the same day, we coordinated the opening of Fashion Foodballer, the first soccer-themed restaurant in Italy and forerunner of a long series of restaurants all over Europe. In Piazza Strozzi here in Florence, crowded with hundreds of people, and obviously with the owners: the trainer Spalletti, the players Gilardino and Dainelli, the entrepreneurs Manuele Venturucci and Emanuele Principe Mignardi. A wide, ultra-modern space, with lots of dining halls “enlivened” by technology, with hundreds of pictures and the Champions League trophy displayed in a showcase. A lot of players from the Italian A league and journalists coming from all over Italy attended the event… in a word: the Gotha of the Italian soccer.

Always about soccer, for charity. The Galli Tournament, in memory of the late Niccolò, who passed away in an accident in 2001, will take place from May 20th to May 22nd. His father Giovanni, goalkeeper of Fiorentina, Milan and the National Italian Soccer Team, and his wife Anna dedicate this event to the memory of their son to collect funds for charitable purposes every year.

Once again we support the Claudio Merlo Camp, that has been gathering over 1500 children in his soccer camp in Fiumalbo for the past 10 years. The camp, located in an uncontaminated green environment by the wonderful Medieval town of Fiumalbo at the border of Tuscany, will be open from June 24th to July 2nd.

We are very proud of our basket team that has already won the championship in the C Gold league and might double leap up to the B league. Basket in Florence never had a strong fan-base, therefore believing in these athletes was a real bet: we are proud that the team took our name and that it is fighting to be promoted.

Sport, gymnastics: the Roadshow of the publishing house D’Anna, dedicated to the school text for P.E. teachers terminated at the end of March. Hundreds of P.E. teachers took part in the seminars that were organized in several Italian cities. 

Il Bisonte: if there is a place, a shop, a manufacturing typical of Florence, this is Il Bisonte, a historic store in the heart of Florence that produces suitcases, handbags and leather goods like no other. In January we organized their meeting in Palazzo Corsini.

In Zurich, for the FICPI EXCO meeting, the real discovery for many participants was Zurich West, a completely redeveloped industrial neighborhood. Where once ships were built and engines were assembled, an urban life full of initiatives has now blossomed: art galleries, restaurants , bars and shops. Impressive sites are the Freitag Tower, built with only containers, the University of the Arts and the former railway viaduct, where all sorts of events are staged.  From April 10th to April 14th, the intense working sessions took place at the Marriott, with a post conference tour in Schaffhausen.

Last, but not least, an announcement: from May 12th to May 14th at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence we organize PELLEPIU’, the first event dedicated to the luxury leather industry that features tanneries, machineries and manufacturing workshops. Leather manufacturing is a leading sector of our economy, and organizing an event dedicated to this type of industry was long overdue. From the raw material, to accessories and the crafting of the final product. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes technical sessions and workshops focused on training. Leather manufacturing schools are essential to train new artisans, which truly are the pride of our Region and that with their capable hands can craft  works of art exported in the whole world.